Total Body Conditioning (TBC) 
An intense and challenging cardio, muscular endurance workout for the entire body.  We will offer a variety of work out  styles and types within the TBC class. This class is designed specifically for women and the trouble spots we battle against.  This class is for all levels. 

​Spin Fusion 
A mixture of Spin and Total Body, this fusion class is an awesome cardio and endurance workout. Enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Spin Classes
This highly intense and fun class will get you working. Inspirational and motivating music. Spin is a great cardio and endurance workout, burns fat, strengthen and tones legs, butt and hips. 

Pure Barre
Pure Barre is a well rounded fitness class that incorporates pilates, dance (ballet), and total body. Pure Barre has major benefits: improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress. Plus, women at just about any fitness level can sign up for a class. What I love about Pure Barre is you don't have to be a dancer to enjoy this class!

Pure Barre classes are perfect for pregnant women because they're not high impact, help with imbalances, which can be a common issue during pregnancy.

Sunrise Sweat 
​A challenging cardio, muscular strength and endurance workout for the entire body using hand weights, bands, ball and easy to follow cardio drills. A great combination of strength and cardio designed by women for women.  This class is for all fitness levels (45 minutes) 

Fitness Fuel at Noon
A challenging 45 min cardio/strength workout that will leave you feeling energized to continue on with your day!  We will be working the whole body with a variety of workout styles, with focus on HIIT and Tabata.   This class is for all fitness levels.

Hit It Kickboxing

This class takes a unique approach to fitness focusing on effectiveness and results. A combination of cardio, kickboxing provides a total body workout which aims to improve strength, aerobics, speed and coordination. You will have the opportunity to using gloves and focus pads with a partner. Participants will burn calories, reshape arms, legs, glutes and abdominals. Come try kick, jab, cross, hook and uppercut to a fitter and better you. (Not included in the unlimited pass) 

Restorative Yoga
A restful type using props to allow your body to rest, restore and rejuvenate. Modifications are available for all types of students.

Slow Flow Yoga
A fun flow warming up your body to opening and expanding then releasing tension into deep stretching. Great for all levels as modification are provided

Running Club 5K or 10K
This 6 week program will allow you to reach your running goals while staying accountable.  It will include weekly runs, tips, techniques homework and more. Great for beginners or those that want to push and reach goals. 

Moving Mamas

This work out designed for moms with little ones. An hour long, total body workout incorporates power walking, jogging, running, strength and toning. (Mother needs to be 6-8 weeks post partum and have approval from a Doctor to Exercise) 

Child Minding 
We will be providing childminding during various classes.