"Transcend is more than a gym it's a community. The trainers are your family and everyone is there to support and encourage you. Transcend has brought the woman of Terrace together better than any other gym and continues to inspire us all to a healthier and happier way of life. Whether you want to loose weight, stay healthy or just meet some amazing friends Transcend will help you achieve it all."

Work out with the freedom of not being judged by others. Our team will keep you in form. 

Affordable and Flexible Classes offered. 

When women support each other, incredible things happen. That's what Transcend is all about - women supporting other women. Its a place of encouragement, inclusion and motivation no matter what your fitness experience. Kristine and Simone (and their wonderful team of instructors) are passionate about fitness and are committed to providing women with the tools they need to succeed in healthier lifestyles. I am thankful to be able to workout in a place where I feel safe, supported and welcomed. With Transcend I am strong, we are strong, she is strong.




Enjoy the fun and confidence that these classes will bring you. 


Transcend's vision had the busy women/mom in mind.  It's time to move that body. There's no excuse -- we have many different classes to enjoy.